What is selective soldering and what benefits does it offer?

The number of large companies which choose to move away from manual soldering has been on the increase. Changes in the production process are forced by the progressive miniaturization of the equipment, which requires greater precision. An additional issue is a greater concern for the safety of the natural environment, which imposes on us the replacement of non-ecological materials. Selective soldering is a response to the current needs of electronics manufacturers. Check the advantages of this method of PCB soldering.

Selective and manual soldering

Let's start with a brief comparison of both of these processes. Manual soldering requires a lot of practice and experience. Meanwhile, many workers make simple mistakes and do not pay attention to the soldering temperature used. This results in poorer properties of the final product and greater susceptibility to damage. Moreover, manual soldering is much more time-consuming.

Selective soldering is much more precise and performed by specialized devices. They can be properly programmed so that a given temperature is used only locally, so as not to compromise the durability of other components. The process of selective soldering goes hand in hand with modern technology of soldering waves.

The impact of environmental protection on soldering methods

Producers pay a lot of attention to building a positive image in the eyes of customers. In recent years, we have put more and more emphasis on the safety of the natural environment. The result is the elimination of lead in the soldering process. Today, lead-free soldering is more aggressive and requires higher temperatures. Selective soldering allows you to safely process materials other than lead, without exposing the entire plate too high temperatures. This is virtually impossible with the manual soldering process.

What are the benefits of selective soldering?

Selective soldering is very precise and does not overload the entire structure of the PCB. In this way, the risk of any production defects can be minimized. The high temperatures are only used at the soldering points and do not affect the entire PCB, eliminating tautness damage.

Moreover, modern technology of selective soldering allows you to fully plan this process and adapt it to your individual needs. Maximum precision translates into lower production costs associated with shorter production times and no defects. Considering all the benefits of selective soldering, it's no surprise that an increasing number of manufacturers are adopting this system.  

Selective soldering is a long-term investment

Selective soldering requires modern technology and equipment adapted to perform such precise works. The purchase of such equipment is of course associated with a large expense. However, taking into account the efficiency of selective soldering and the impressive reduction of production costs, the implementation of this system usually pays for itself in a relatively short time. In the long term, the manufacturer can expect considerable savings and maximized profits.




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