What types of resins are used to protect electronics?

Pouring electronics into resin is a common way to provide greater protection against mechanical damage, high temperature, chemicals, and UV radiation. This treatment allows you to significantly extend the life of electronic equipment. The key to success is the use of a resin with the right properties. Here we will tell you more about the types of resins used in electronics.

Epoxy resins

For potting electronics, epoxy resins are commonly used, which perfectly protect sensitive electronics against moisture, chemicals, short circuits, as well as mechanical damage caused by shocks and vibrations. The process of pouring electronics requires impeccable precision, because the resins are a material that is extremely difficult to remove. Consequently, improper potting can cause irreparable damage to the equipment. The limitation is that epoxy stores heat, which increases the risk of ignition. Therefore, manufacturers must use appropriate substances that eliminate this property of epoxy resin


Polyurethane resins

They are extremely resistant even in the most demanding conditions. They protect the electronics against moisture, high temperatures and UV radiation. They perfectly absorb shocks and vibrations, thanks to which they eliminate the risk of mechanical damage. However, they are more expensive than epoxy resins. With the right mixing ratio, polyurethane resins can withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius, which makes them an extremely effective choice in terms of electronic equipment.

What factors are taken into account when making the resin?

The key factor is the proper composition of the selected resin. Manufacturers pay attention to a number of factors: hardness, color, viscosity, flammability and hardening time. To create the perfect resin, it is necessary to take into account the specifications of the electronics and the main risk factors. Based on specific information about the equipment, manufacturers deal with precise mixing of the resin while maintaining the correct proportions. In this way, many types of epoxy and polyurethane resins are produced, used to protect electronics.

Usually two-component resins are used. It is extremely important to mix these ingredients thoroughly. Any non-compliance may change the properties of the resin, which will adversely affect the protection level of the equipment. Manufacturers of resins for potting electronics face an extremely responsible task.

What are the benefits of high-quality resin?

Sensitive electronic components are exposed to chemicals, high temperatures, humidity, as well as numerous shocks and vibrations that can damage them. Properly selected resin allows to effectively protect the equipment against the above factors. Therefore, pouring resin on electronics is a protective procedure aimed at extending the life and increasing the durability of the equipment in the long term.




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