What are the benefits of AOI and SPI testing?

The automated process of controlling the assembly of electronic products saves a lot of time and offers the possibility to remove any errors in the mass production process more accurately. Manufacturers often use AOI and SPI tests, which provide a lot of valuable information related to the correct assembly of printed circuit boards. What are these tests and what benefits do they offer to manufacturers who use them?

AOI tests (Automatic Optical Inspection)

The first group of tests is the so-called optical control, which uses specialized and very precise equipment. The method is used both for large systems and microscopic components on PCBs. Very thorough analysis allows to isolate even the smallest errors in the assembly of elements or their casing. In this way you can eliminate any defects at the mass production stage. This saves both time and resources needed in the production process.

The solution was introduced as a response to the needs of producers of modern electronic systems. Manual control by employees is not very effective in the case of plates with microscopic elements. AOI tests are very accurate, they are adapted to modern technologies and allow for quick tracking and solution of the problem.

SPI tests (Solder Paste Inspection)

One of the most important processes in the production of PCBs is the application of solder paste. The conducted research showed that over 60% of all defects occurring in the mass production phase are related to incorrect paste application. Uneven distribution of the material may shorten the “life” of the system or prevent its proper operation.

SPI tests also use specialized technology that enables precise 3D and 2D image processing. In this way, the paste application method is verified, which allows for better configuration of automated production line devices. In this way, you can reduce the number of defects by up to 60%. It is not surprising, therefore, that a very large number of manufacturers use special equipment and software for SPI testing.

What are the benefits of AOI and SPI testing?

Defects not detected in the design and assembly of PCBs expose the manufacturer to huge trading losses. When the elements go beyond the production stage, the possible costs increase tenfold and may jeopardize the good name of the brand.

Advanced AOI and SPI tests are proven ways to detect the smallest errors. Specialized apparatus is many times more effective than the human fallible eye. Correctly conducted tests allow to minimize the risk of deficiencies in the assembly process of PCBs. And, as a result, the manufacturer minimizes production costs, saves time and quickly introduces new products to markets, which translates into profit maximization.



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