Top 50 global distributors of electronic components

According to an Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) analysis, total global revenue of the top 50 Authorized Distributors increased 6.4% to $ 152.8 billion in 2020, from $ 143.5 billion in 2019.


Asia accounted for over 75% of the global revenues of the fifty authorized distributors in the world in 2020. The Americas and EMEA markets lag far behind at 13.4% and 11.4% respectively. As many as 39 of the 50 largest distributors are based in Asia and account for over 63% of revenues.

The early recovery of Asian manufacturers saw distribution revenues grow more strongly than in the Americas and EMEA. Based on this strength, the combined global revenues of the world's top 50 authorized distributors increased 6.4% in 2020. By comparison, the top 50 authorized distributors in North America recorded a 5.9% drop in sales. However, the same group of the top 50 North American distributors combined global growth of 4.5% as Asian demand more than compensated for losses in the North American market.


Total worldwide revenue for the Top 50 Authorized Distributors in 2020 increased to $ 152.8 billion from $ 143.5 billion in 2019. Thirty-seven of the top 50 distributors achieved revenue growth in 2020, with the highest in China's Nanjing Sunlord Electronics with a 36% increase and the sharpest decline in the Japanese Restar Group at -16.4%.

Globally, Asian semiconductors account for a larger share of electronic components distribution revenue, accounting for almost 78% of total revenue, than North America, 53%. The strongest demand for revenues is generated by the mobile communications market - USD 32.2 billion (21%), followed by industrial automation - USD 24.7 billion. Computers / Data Processing - USD 23.9 billion and Consumer Electronics - USD 23.5 billion.

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