Security on the portal

The safety of sensitive data such as the data of your company, technical data concerning the projects is treated with the utmost seriousness. On platform we have implemented appropriate procedures and restrictions of access to these data so that the Buyer is allowed to supervise the access to the information on a given project

Access to the site is provided by an encrypted protocol, which means that no authorization will be accepted without a certificate. The types of security that uses are used by banks during account logging in. Besides, technical data is stored on the server outside the application in encrypted directories without any access from outside. The goal of portal, as the name may suggest, is to be primarily safe to users.

The only way to grant access to documentation files is through the documentation download module. Access to it is obtained only after completing the login and authorization process, and if the user has set security in the form of an NDA agreement, we must undergo the process of accepting the NDA agreement.

Business partners are registered on only after prior verification in available registers. Users upon creating an account decide themselves which personal data - a name, surname, phone number, email - are shared with other users.

A Buyer can protect the access to technical documentation in a number of ways:

  • by insisting on signing NDA - After receiving a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement from a potential subcontractor the Buyer decides if he wants to share documentation with him. If the Buyer accepts NDA and shares his documentation with a Contractor this agreement will be binding for all the subsequent enquiries until the Buyer "excludes" the validity of the contract or he decides to put a given subcontractor on the Black List,
  • by placing a subcontractor on the Black List - Contractors from this list will not be notified of new enquiries, and they will be denied access to your documentation,
  • by placing Contractors on a White List - then only the Contractors from this list will be notified of a new enquiry. A new user, who has not yet signed an NDA will be invited to do so. Only after a Buyer accepts the agreement the Contractor he will be allowed to access the documentation,
  • the Buyer will be notified of each documentation download - who and when made the download.