has passed a year!!!

Dear Users,

A year has just passed since our portal saw the light of day. Our main goal is to support companies operating in the field of EMS and OEM. We help in the development of cooperation with new clients by reaching a wider group of companies with inquiries regarding PCB assembly and production. We also help in promotion among potential contractors. Our inauguration coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which did not make our start easier.

During this time, we managed to establish cooperation with over 220 new companies. This translates into new user registration almost every day. We have added a dozen or so new functionalities, such as a companies search, the possibility of quoting and delivering components, searching for replacements and the German language version.

We realize how difficult and complicated the process is to implement a new contractor. Thanks to the process of searching on the market and collect offers as well as assessing the company's potential has been significantly simplified.

We attach great importance to ensuring that the users of our portal are reliable business entities. Hence, quite a tedious but necessary registration process. We want contractors to receive inquiries they may be interested in. Additionally, they should be able to implement them. In the near future, we plan to additionally provide the possibility of assessing contractors in order to give credibility to reliable companies. We also want to expand the portal with additional information such as industry events or lists of redundant components in the contractors' stock.

We have good news for contractors registered on our portal. Only until 03/31/2021 you have the unique opportunity to get annual access to the portal with a 50% discount for EUR 528 for a one-time payment. We encourage you to take this opportunity to stay informed and not lose the opportunity to win new orders.


Celebrate with us! team

We would like to inform you that a new platform for EMS and OEM industry- is already operating. The platform is by definition an RFQ exchange
All the best, make your dreams come true, have fun both in your private and professional life...
More and more companies distributing components expand the range of services offered...
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year