Payments are currently available by a credit card ( VISA, Mastercard and American Express),
electronic payment or bank transfer.
Invoicing takes place once a year. 



  • Adding RFQs for EMS services without any restrictions
  • Digital process of making and managing RFQs
  • Access to new subcontractors
  • Limited access to your documentation
  • Promotion of your company
  • Direct contact with interested business partners


  • Notification for new RFQs
  • Searching for EMS services
  • Access to RFQs from your region, country or the whole world
  • Access to new Buyers
  • Reducing sales costs
  • Direct contact with the Buyer
  • No commision costs

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Premium partners

  • All functions of Buyers and Contractors available
  • Presentation of the logo in the Premium Partner zone
  • Distinction on the map of registered companies
  • Additional information and presentation in company’s profile
  • Special distinction as Premium Partner

See all available Functions

All function Buyer Contractors Premium partners

with the description of ordered services. The Buyer completes the RFQ with information on :
- necessary technologies
- required certificates and standards
- requirements concerning the NDA
- technical documentation (BOM, P&P and Gerber)
- geographical region you want offers to come from (the whole world, continent, country or close to a given localization)
- a list of preferred  or excluded  contractors 

We give you the possibility to manage all offers, you can also filter them by date, name or index. You can view your correspondence. You also have the chance to edit the offers, verify  the signed Non Disclosure Agreements, cross-reference the offers for every enquiry  by offers history, overview of offers made etc.

By all the parameters inter alia required technologies, certificates, standards,  tests, deadlines, the time of realization.

You can delete any enquiry before its closing date. This cannot be done after the closing date.

You can filter them by the type of service, required technologies, quantities of products, approximate value of the enquiry, the localization of a Buyer etc.

The system automatically sends an email with information confirming that a new  enquiry has been successfully published.

That are published on the portal. They always match the profile of a company submitted during the registration or they comply with filters which have been set. A contractor can set the frequency according to which he will be informed on new RFQs.

The ones which have been signed and sent by potential Contractors. The Buyer receives an email with information after a non disclosure agreement has been signed by a potential Contractor.

The Buyer is informed via email that technical documentation has been downloaded by a potential Contractor. The information contains the name of the company and well as the first name and the surname of the person who has downloaded it.

concerning RFQ which has been made and the conditions of realisation. The Buyer can answer one Contractor or send an answer to all subcontractors who have been notified of  the enquiry.

A contractor, provided that he hasn’t been excluded by the Buyer, can view the details of  RFQs before he signs NDA. The details which can be viewed contain overall information which is available to anybody also without logging in.

by a Contractor. The Contractor will be notified of new RFQs in accordance with the parameters set. It can be done immediately or collectively according to the frequency which has been set on the profile.

by the Contractor. It is only possible only until the closing date. After RFQ is closed withdrawal is impossible. It is valid and binding.

The Buyer receives information that the enquiry has been closed. They are also informed how many offers have been submitted. If no offer was made the Buyer can make  the same enquiry  again within 48 hours.

The overview of all offers, non disclosure agreements, correspondence with the subcontractor, history etc.

After RFQ has been closed the Buyer can contact a given Contractor to inform him that his offer has been chosen. The other Contractors who have made an offer are informed that their offers have been rejected.

The Buyer can make a list of Contractors who will be informed on RFQ ( such a list can be created on the profile). Then only the Contractors from the list will be able to download and sign NDA agreement, and after it has been accepted, they will be able to download technical documentation.

The Buyer can also make list of Contractors who will never be informed on RFQs. Additionally, they won’t be able to view the details of RFQ and download technical documentation.

containing company’s data, logo and pictures. After creating an account the user is able to complete  the data concerning the company by additional details such as logo and pictures. Furthermore, they can specify which personal data such as name, surname, email and phone number will be shared with all users.

according to various filters for example  industry, services offered, types of technologies, certificates held and standards implemented, country etc.

with a company’s logo on the main page of the portal.

with a special distinction as Premium Partner. More possibilities of presenting a company’s profile e.g. branches, services, technologies held etc.

For accounts which require payment for access to the portal. The date of account validity and the term and method of payment can be checked on the profile. Additionally users can specify that they want an invoice to be sent to them - either by post or email. The subscription is annual and is renewed automatically.

allows to add Contractor function to a Buyer or the other way round. Only after the subscription is paid the Buyer who added a Contractor function will gain access to enquiries. Until the payment is made only their own enquiries can be viewed.