Interview on the website

An interview with Jerzy Bieschke, CEO of, has appeared on the website. From the interview, we can find out where the idea for the exchange of orders came from in such a specific field as the electronics assembly industry, PCB and cable harness delivery, as well as electronics design. As it turns out, this may be particularly important when, due to the prevailing pandemic, a large part of business contacts has been transferred to the Internet. All industry events were also transferred to online platforms with remote access for users.

Currently, it is common practice to use specialized subcontractors in the production process, especially in such demanding industries as Electronic Manufacturing Services. Today, cooperation between companies in the field of performing some production services or even ordering the comprehensive production of a finished product is not unusual.

In addition, we can learn from the interview that the portal is a unique solution on a global scale, and that it is highly trusted by contractors who see this platform as an opportunity for new contacts. is also a database of companies operating in the industry and using EMS services. Enabling, among other things, advertising to potential clients.


Another topic raised in the interview is the method of securing the user's data on the portal against "pushing", ie the extraction of information by Internet fraudsters.

The whole conversation can be read on the website.


Due to the limitations of many companies caused by coronavirus, we are extending the period of free use of the portal until August 31. The validity of all existing accounts
The company Haso from Tychy submitted an inquiry via the platform. In response, she received over a dozen offers and selected a new subcontractor...
As part of expanding the functionality on the portal, we have provided new services to registered users: the ability to search for companies and a newsletter.
We’ve made another modification available on our website, namely in the "My Data" tab, there you can attach a file ... - service exchange in EMS and OEM industry

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