IKIDO - Never Miss a Component Again

Tired of hunting for missing components? Interested in automating your repetitive sourcing activities? Meet IKIDO (ikido.tech) - a Risk Management SaaS for the Electronic Components Supply Chain that will make sure that you’ll never miss a component again!

IKIDO’s platform continuously monitors your supply chain from the design stage to the final execution to proactively identify, prevent and solve material flow disruptions.


IKIDO has 3 main solutions - 

  • The IKIDO Risk Management solution uses a vast amount of components-related data and machine learning to effortlessly identify, evaluate, mitigate, and monitor supply chain risks continuously from the design stage and throughout the entire product lifecycle.

  • The IKIDO Sourcing Optimization solution provides supply chains visibility into real-time market-wide cost and availability, which, coupled with intelligent sourcing instructions, reduces cost, lead time, and repetitive manual work.

  • The IKIDO Supply Chain Analytics solution consolidates insights from our Risk Management and Sourcing Optimization solutions to present a coherent and clear view of essential supply chain metrics ready for managerial action.


 Why choose IKIDO?


IKIDO is a powerful and intuitive platform that enhances supply chain resilience for hardware companies.

  • Identify and address supply chain risks
  • Optimize cost and delivery time
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming work
  • Integrate real-time sources to improve data accuracy and completeness
  • Shift-left supply chain considerations to reduce engineering re-work



We invite you to read more about IKIDO at IKIDO.TECH

We have a special offer for our users. Users who submit an inquiry on the safeRFQ.com portal will receive an additional month of using the IKIDO platform for FREE.


If you are interested in the IKIDO platform, please contact us by email: support@safeRFQ.com

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