How to choose a proven EMS service provider?

EMS is a contract supplier of electronics, the services of which are used by companies involved in the production of devices and machines. The EMS supplier creates electronic components on request that are necessary for the final product. Choosing a good contractor and maintaining good business relations with him is the basis for efficient production without delays. 

What considerations should you consider when choosing an EMS provider?

The key factor is, of course, the business profile of the selected EMS provider. It is worth checking what the selected company specializes in, as well as what it can boast in its portfolio. Some EMS service providers, apart from basic PCB assembly, often offer a whole range of additional services, such as design, preparation of test fixtures, test development, varnishing, resin pouring, and many, many others. This is particularly important from the perspective of manufacturers looking for specialized solutions based on innovative technology.

The EMS service provider should be fully transparent to potential contractors. Let us, therefore, pay attention to the detailed description of the services, as well as a detailed description of the technology used by the contractor. It is also worth verifying the people who represent the company and contact with customers. In the case of a predetermined budget, we can ask what an EMS provider can offer us for a certain amount and then compare the offers of several EMS contractors. 


How to conclude a favorable contract with an EMS provider?

From an equipment manufacturer's perspective, a business relationship with an EMS provider is extremely important. The contractor is responsible for the quality of the components used in our equipment, as well as for timely deliveries. In other words, any delays and technological errors mean significant losses for the contracting authority. At the outset, it is worth determining the scope of activities as well as the obligations of both the PCBA contractor and the Ordering Party. Clear and well-written terms of cooperation exclude possible misunderstandings.

A satisfactory communication model should also be developed with the EMS provider as soon as possible. In practice, cooperation in this industry requires systematic contact in order to establish details related to production, transport, and financial settlements. The contractor should also focus on 100% honesty and openness. If any problems or doubts arise, please contact your EMS provider immediately. The feedback obtained will help the contractor adjust the services provided to the needs of the customer. 

The first step is always problematic. The contractor would like to receive a high-value order, preferably with a distant completion date. The buyer, when verifying the new supplier, tries to limit its obligations towards the new unverified contractor and order the first batch in a limited size. In addition, the Principal is often looking for a new contractor under time pressure and would like to receive products in a relatively short time. This often raises the problem of taking the risk of the "first step", as the expectations of both parties are usually divergent. Only a few companies can afford long-term planning and selection of new contractors well in advance.     

The EMS provider is a business partner for years

Mutual trust is the basis of a business in which the manufacturer constantly cooperates with subcontractors and service providers. The electronics industry is constantly evolving, so there is no shortage of new EMS suppliers on the market. The manufacturer should familiarize himself with all available options and analyze the offers of several or a dozen contractor companies before making a decision to establish cooperation. is a great solution for clients who do not have much experience in finding and verifying EMS service providers. On the portal, you can verify what services the contractor provides. Additionally, you can submit an inquiry and specify where the offer is to come from, what standards, services, and tests we require. On this basis, it will be much easier for the client to decide which contractor to start working with.

Considering that cooperation with a good EMS service provider is long-term, after choosing a specific company, let's make sure to develop positive relationships that will be the foundation for high-quality electronic equipment.


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