Get better acquainted with potential contractors!

We’ve made another modification available on our website, namely in the "My Data" tab, there you can attach a file with a presentation or a folder about the company. We want future contractors to have more detailed information on potential partners in one place. Take care of how your company looks in the eyes of potential contractors!

 We have expanded the services that can be offered by contractors with two additional items, "Designing" and "Additional Services". As part of the design services, you can choose, among others, the scope of design and choose the industry for which we design or have experience. In the case of additional services, it is about increasing cooperation between companies in the field of small services such as X-ray or conformal coating. Interested companies please complete your service portfolio!

Finally, we have enabled buyers to supplement information about the size of the company, including the employment level and turnover value, so that contractors can also learn about the potential of the ordering party. Team

The first EMS service platform now also works in German! We have released another language version to facilitate communication between potential contractors ...
Due to the limitations of many companies caused by coronavirus, we are extending the period of free use of the portal until August 31. The validity of all existing accounts
We would like to inform you that a new platform for EMS and OEM industry- is already operating. The platform is by definition an RFQ exchange
Due to the interest in a new form of searching for orders resulting from the number of registered EMS companies, of which there are already nearly 100 on our portal, ... - service exchange in EMS and OEM industry

A new dimension of contact in the EMS industry through an internet platform. You will make your enquiry fast and easily.
You will establish contact with new partners easily and without any unnecessary marketing costs.

 Looking for new orders and potential Partners is tedious and time-consuming, and the effect does not always reflect the effort invested in it. Let new contractors find you. will help you to introduce your company to potential partners and contractors. Thanks to our Platform you will be able to find additional orders which will allow you to use your resources fully.