Extends battery life thanks to minimal standby current.

The new Toshiba brushed motor drivers have the lowest standby current on the market: see comparison with selected Allegro and Texas Instruments systems.



                                     Source: © Toshiba
Figure 1: TOSHIBA's TB67H450FNG and TB67H451FNG are single-channel H-bridge drivers for DC brushed motors. They drive motors from 4.5V to 50V with a maximum current of 3.5A.

The devices are characterized by one of the lowest standby current on the market, amounting to only 1 µA in the entire voltage and temperature range. This is a factor of 10 lower than that of known competitors. Thanks to the extremely low standby current, the new Toshiba chips are ideal for all applications that run on battery or rechargeable battery.

4 modes of motor control

TB67H450FNG and TB67H451FNG can control motors in 4 modes (forward, reverse, braking and stopping). Controllers capable of Safe Overheat Shutdown (TSD), Over Current Detection (ISD) or Undervoltage (UVLO). The two circuits described differ only in their overcurrent operation: TB67H450FNG shuts down in the event of an overcurrent event and must be reset by acknowledgment, TB67H451FNG has an automatic recovery function.

Due to the minimum possible supply voltage of only 4.5V, the components can also be used for USB powered applications. Safe operation is guaranteed by the undervoltage blockade (UVLO), which switches the system off when the operating voltage drops below 3.8 V, until it exceeds 4 V.

The components in the compact HSOP8 package can be used as a direct replacement for the Texas Instruments DRV8870 and Allegro's A4950.


                              Source: © Glyn

Figure 2: Sample layout using this Toshiba driver (Source: © Toshiba).


Source: https://tek.info.pl

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