Electronic PCBs against moisture with 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings protection.

On October 13 and November 10, 2021, webinars organized by Semicon and 3M will be held, introducing the subject of protective coatings with 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coating products.


Compact and advanced electronic systems are increasingly sensitive to changing environmental conditions and contaminants such as moisture, sulfur and various types of dirt. Without proper protection, sensitive electronic components can quickly corrode and be a source of surges, they can also contribute to the deterioration of the PCB system performance and ultimately cause the entire device to malfunction.

3M Novec Electronic Grade Coating is a low viscosity, low surface tension fluid in the form of a fluorinated polymer mixed with a selected 3M Novec HFE hydrofluoroether solvent. The substance is hydrophobic and, after application, creates a protective coating against moisture, chemicals and corrosion.

All products in the 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings series provide protection of electronic circuits against moisture in conditions of increased temperature and humidity. 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings 2704 and 2708 contain the same fluorinated polymer at different percentages by weight, i.e. 4 wt% and 8 wt% dissolved in 3M Novec 7200 Engineered Fluid.


The coatings have been developed to allow manual and spray application, but also by the selective application method, which ensures full automation of the process and reduces the need for masking during application.

Due to their very low viscosity and low surface tension, the coatings are dedicated to protect against the effects of moisture on the operation of electronic systems in various conditions. The application process does not require the use of an additional energy source to harden the coating, the application cycle is very short and the dimensions of the application device are much smaller compared to traditional methods of protecting electronic circuits.

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Source: https://tek.info.pl

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