For Contractors on the EMS market: offers an opportunity to make an offer, find a new EMS partner and increase your income safely and easilyFinding a new Buyer in the EMS industry in your country or abroad has never been so easy.


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Increase your income and profits – Additional orders for buyers who are looking for contractors 
Optimization – Using your production capability
Development – Starting operation on a global scale 
Possibilities – 
The choice of a region of operation



Increasing the range of your operation – Finding new  buyers
Flexibility – You don't have to limit yourself to your present contractors
Recognition – Advertisement on an EMS platform
Openness – Presentation of  production capability and offered standards  



Saving Time and Money – Finding new contractors
Accuracy – Enquiries from contractors interested in production
Decision – Choice of  an appropriate size and type of orders



Knowledge and Experience – control over the interest in  particular services 
Knowledge – Access to the development directions of used technology   
Experience – Cooperation with clients from all over the world 


Verify yourself what possibilities a new EMS platform offers your.



Register now - service exchange in EMS and OEM industry

A new dimension of contact in the EMS industry through an internet platform. You will make your enquiry fast and easily.
You will establish contact with new partners easily and without any unnecessary marketing costs.

 Looking for new orders and potential Partners is tedious and time-consuming, and the effect does not always reflect the effort invested in it. Let new contractors find you. will help you to introduce your company to potential partners and contractors. Thanks to our Platform you will be able to find additional orders which will allow you to use your resources fully.