Comprehensive PCB assembly service - one or many subcontractors?

Companies involved in the production of electronic devices usually outsource the production of printed circuit boards to larger manufacturers who own a specialized and costly technological line and adequate human resources. We can choose from small companies dealing with specific stages of production, often specializing in High Mix Low Volume, as well as large companies offering us a comprehensive PCB assembly service - often focused on Low Mix High Volume. Of course, a much more convenient option is to choose a manufacturer with a wider offer, but it all also depends on the scale of the order.

What services does the comprehensive PCB assembly include?

A large EMS company employs specialists and has modern equipment that allows to shorten the production time of individual components. Comprehensive EMS services offer clients support at the design stage, surface and through-hole assembly, tests, conformal coating, potting and detailed quality control of manufactured products. The manufacturer may also provide the customer with detailed specifications and documentation needed at every stage of production.

The inspection stage is particularly important. A reliable manufacturer operates on the basis of international standards and ensures the impeccable quality of the produced boards. Thanks to this, the customer can be sure that the number of defective PCBs will be reduced to a minimum. The result is reliability and durability as well as a limited number of complaints. In this way, companies reduce operating costs and maximize profits.

Why is it worth choosing a manufacturer with a comprehensive offer?

This choice is favourable from a logistics point of view. Most of the processes are held in one place, thanks to which the need to transport subsequent components is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the company does not have to consult and coordinate cooperation between several contractors on an ongoing basis, but orders everything in one place, waiting for the end result. Therefore, cooperation with a manufacturer with a comprehensive offer will minimize the time needed to produce the final electronic device.

Cooperation with a comprehensive manufacturer will also guarantee us no downtime. In a situation where a company uses the services of several contractors, delays on the part of one of them automatically lead to downtime and additional costs.

When it makes sense to choose several subcontractors?

This scenario is recommended only when the size of the contract makes it difficult to find one contractor. This often affects the limited quality of the devices, as it is difficult for us to verify each stage of production, especially when several contractors make one product. A large manufacturer always pays attention to the profitability of orders, and thus willingly cooperates with companies offering large and lucrative orders. The needs of smaller companies may be neglected in such places, although fortunately it is a rarity for reputable manufacturers.

The choice of several subcontractors may also be dictated by the need to create very specific products. A good example are all PCBs with THT assembly, i.e. through-hole. It is a very precise work that requires manual intervention. It is worth commissioning such work to a specialist who has experience and knowledge of manual assembly.

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