Cable harnesses market

The quality of cable harnesses not only plays a key role in the process of device production but also is pivotal for the reputation of the producer’s brand. That’s why great importance is attached to make sure that the companies which produce them are specialised. Very often companies which take over the production operate within the framework of outsourcing.

Where does the demand for cable harnesses come from?

The demand for production services in the field of cable harnesses is the result of rapid development of electronics and miniaturization of individual components. The arrival of a large number of connectors, their different types and very small elements means that you need not only different types of equipment and tools, but also knowledge and practice in order to install the  wire in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements . To minimize costs and ensure access to durable and high-quality products, manufacturers  began to resort to the services of specialists who are able to guarantee the absence of hidden defects in produced harnesses.

Cable harnesses producers – what can they offer?

Each year more and more cable harnesses producers appear on the market. Not much insight is needed to find out that there are quite a lot of them on our market. What exactly can they offer? Companies usually focus on technical advancement and high quality of manufactured products. For this reason, if a company decides to cooperate in this regard with a cable harnesses manufacturer, they can count on the support of a company that has a team of qualified and experienced engineers. In addition, they have a modern machine park at their disposal, including automatic machines for processing wires and crimping pins.

Cable harnesses market  what is fashionable now?

One of the most important trends that has strongly affected the cable harnesses market is miniaturization. It has come as a result of changes in the electronics themselves, which are becoming more advanced, complex and smaller. Just look at the components that have changed over the past few years, with smaller and smaller rasters every year. Ribbon tapes and FPC wires with 0.5 mm pitch and cable-cable connectors with 1-1.5 mm pitch are considered standard now.

However, the current trends do not end on the increasing miniaturization because new products appear alongside. What kind of harnesses  are the manufacturers able to offer us? What new products are waiting for us? Certainly, welded assembly which is performed with the help of a laser, can be viewed as new. Such solutions have successfully replaced crimping, which as the basic joining technique is not always applicable and therefore other solutions have been sought for.

The use of specialized harnesses is another popular trend on the cable harness market. We are talking here mainly about a greater use  of specialist harnesses in such sectors as medicine, mining, rail transport or the army. This is not only due to the growing importance of outsourcing in the entire industry, but also because manufacturers managed to convince representatives of individual industries that they are able to meet both their expectations and imposed standards.

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