For Buyers on the EMS market: offers an opportunity to make an enquiry and find a contractor in your region, country or worldwide easily.


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Saving Time – One enquiry means many possible contractors
Possibilities – Verification of production capability and interest of contractors
Optimization – The choice of partners who are interested in the size of your order
Development – Expansion of the contractor network and range of orders



Cost Optimization – Possibility to order locally, nationally or globally
Openness – Compare offers and production standards

Accuracy – Offers only from those who are interested in your enquiry
Flexibility The choice of the best relation between  the price, term and quality 



Safety – Decision to share your documentation with potential contractors
Control – Clear and simple way of making enquiries 
Verification   Preferred contractors, Black list, Non-disclosure agreement



Control Over the Orders  Offers collected in one place in a digital form 
Transparency  Manage your orders in a friendly manner 
Support  Supervision over inquiries and offers


Verify yourself what possibilities a new EMS platform offers your.


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