Welcome to SafeRFQ.com the online platform for the EMS industry

SafeRFQ.com is a new tool for companies operating in EMS sector within the scope of electronics assembly, supply of PCBs, production of cable bundles and ready devices (finally production and box building) and for Buyers who are looking for EMS companies which provide such services. Thanks to a developed and intuitive menu you can make an enquiry in an easy way. You can contact many potential contractors at the same time. You lose neither time nor money to find new contractors locally, globally or in your country.

Companies which have spare production capacities and which are looking for new enquiries can find them thanks to SafeRFQ.com. The platform offers the opportunity to increase the company’s recognition on the Internet. Enquiries are filtered according to the following categories: technologies held, required tests and standards. In this way you will easily increase the use of your equipment as well as the income of your company.

SafeRFQ.com is the platform on which you can find companies capable of carrying on your projects. The system allows easy and safe way of managing shared documentation. The portal offers a chance to organise and systemathise the work of Buyers and Contractors thanks to an additional function of enquiries, offers and correspondence management. It raises the standard of communication between trading partners.

SafeRFQ.com team makes sure that the process of making enquiries and communicating between trading partners is fast, safe and effective.

Don’t waste your time and switch in to modern, digital process of enquiries organization between trading partners today.