Guten Tag - Now is also available in German

The first EMS service platform now also works in German!

We have released another language version to facilitate communication between potential contractors in the electronics industry. It contains all the technical terminology used in the EMS sector so that both parties use the same wording.

Thanks to the platform, it is easier to find new contractors, increase the number of business partners and find new orders that interest you.

We would like to inform you that a new platform for EMS and OEM industry- is already operating. The platform is by definition an RFQ exchange
Aufgrund des Interesses an einer neuen Form der Auftragssuche aufgrund der Anzahl der registrierten EMS-Unternehmen, von denen sich bereits fast 100 auf...
As part of expanding the functionality on the portal, we have provided new services to registered users: the ability to search for companies and a newsletter.