Get better acquainted with potential contractors!

We’ve made another modification available on our website, namely in the "My Data" tab, there you can attach a file with a presentation or a folder about the company. We want future contractors to have more detailed information on potential partners in one place. Take care of how your company looks in the eyes of potential contractors!

 We have expanded the services that can be offered by contractors with two additional items, "Designing" and "Additional Services". As part of the design services, you can choose, among others, the scope of design and choose the industry for which we design or have experience. In the case of additional services, it is about increasing cooperation between companies in the field of small services such as X-ray or conformal coating. Interested companies please complete your service portfolio!

Finally, we have enabled buyers to supplement information about the size of the company, including the employment level and turnover value, so that contractors can also learn about the potential of the ordering party. Team

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As part of expanding the functionality on the portal, we have provided new services to registered users: the ability to search for companies and a newsletter.