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Here you will find additional information about the SafeRFQ.com portal and answers to frequently asked questions

After the trial period, you can use the SafeRFQ.com feature in your annual subscription. More information here

The SafeRFQ.com subscription  is valid for 12 months. It is renewed automatically.

As a Buyer you can make an unlimited number of enquiries. As the Contractor using the paid access to our portal you can make both offers as well as production orders. More information here...

Information presented  in the company profile is the data provided during  registration of the company on the SafeRFQ.com portal. The information in the company’s profile  can be edited and changed by a registered member. The user can also send the company’s logo and share company’s picture to  increase the visibility of the company.

In order to make your company more visible  you should fill in your company’s profile with as much data as possible. The information and data are both used  during filtering process and allow us to choose contractors and orders with higher precision. 

The registered users can only see companies’ names and addresses. The user details such as  emails and phone numbers are not shared with other users.

The SafeRFQ.com publishes data which has been publically verified in available registers (e.g data from the registrar of corporations) and has been submitted by a user registering the company. Users are always in full control of which data concerning the company is visible. If a company is not visible, it means that its data hasn’t been shared for the purpose of search yet.

You can assign an unlimited number of users to a given company, however you have to create independent access for a particular company or a branch, so that the other users of the platform can find a given company or branch without any problems.

Information about new orders is sent by email. Any user can set the frequency of receiving information on new orders on the profile - once a day, every 12 hours, every hour or once after an enquiry is published by the buyer.

A user receives notifications about the enquiries matching their company’s profile.  On the company’s profile you can specify if you are interested in receiving every enquiry matching the company's profile or only the ones which have been filtered according to your preferences. 

The search operates based on filters such as the type of service, geographical coverage, required standards etc. submitted in the search categories and are compared with the content of companies’ profiles registered on SafeRFQ.com-e.g the information on competences, skills and offered standards.

It  allows a user to find the orders and business contacts which are specific and relevant to them. In this way every user is informed about orders which match their company’s profile. 

In order to do that you need to contact the portal support department support@safeRFQ.com via email or through Contact on our portal.

On SafeRFQ.com platform personal data protection is of the utmost importance. We know that company’s sensitive data requires special  protection that’s why we take every necessary safety measures in order to make sure that this data is properly protected.  We offer limited and individual access to the system. Additionally we supervise the system and we have control over every access attempt. These steps guarantee the highest level of safety to our users and the data.   

We encourage you to contact us via mail support@safeRFQ.com or a form which is available on our platform . You can also phone us and ask our representatives any questions you like.  SafeRFQ.com team provides users with support in any matter concerning SafeRFQ.com platform and its functions.

There are no commission costs incurred by using safeRFQ.com.