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The order exchange allows you to place and search orders for EMS services without any restrictions.
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Are you looking for designers, PCB suppliers, or maybe you are looking for a company dealing with PCB assembly or finished products?
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The portal enables establishing new contacts in the electronics and electrotechnics industries around the world.
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Search company - The orders exchange for services in the EMS and OEM industry, find an interesting inquiry order and make an offer.

The portal allows you to place and search orders for EMS services without any restrictions.
Register, find an interesting inquiry and make an offer.
Search RFQ’s - Portal for EMS and OEM services market, PCB supply and assembly, cable harnesses, final assembly and design.

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Looking for new Buyers and Contractors on the EMS and OEM market requires a lot of effort and consumes a lot of time on both sides. Additionally, it generates a considerable cost. We understand how important intellectual property and data security is for the author of a new solution. That’s why we have created

Our platform enables the buyer to protect shared documentation and offers a chance to control who has access to it. Furthermore,
you have access to a broad range of potential contractors. Look for or create an RFQs for
EMS services worldwide and establish new professional contacts

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For the Buyer Save time and money

It’s enough that you create an RFQs online by entering all necessary data. You yourself decide “if” and “with whom” your documentation will be shared- including the one concerning the standards and services you are in need of. The companies which will be interested in cooperating with you will contact you directly and you will receive their offers. offers you a chance to find an appropriate partner quickly.

You have also use the following functionalities:

  • You can choose which contractors you will share documentation (a preferred list or a blacklist)
  • Verification of NDA agreements
  • Supervised process of document sharing
  • Access to a broad range of potential contractors
  • Ability to verify the contractor’s potential
  • Direct contact with contractors
  • Ability to verify the price level

For the Contractor More orders and higher income

Do you want to make better use of your production possibilities? You yourself decide if the RFQ is interesting to you, if it fits your order book and if you possess the necessary machinery for it. looks for appropriate orders worldwide. You can look for yours online and you have the ability to adjust your search to your needs by narrowing it down to the type of service, required technologies and qualities.

You can also use the following functionalities:

  • Offers management
  • Get notifications on new offers - appropriate for you machinery, services and standards.
  • Ability to find subcontractors in case of a failure or problems with the production capacity
  • Direct communication with the Buyer
  • No commission
  • Addiction advertisement thanks to the company’s profile - service exchange in EMS and OEM industry

A new dimension of contact in the EMS industry through an internet platform. You will make your enquiry fast and easily.
You will establish contact with new partners easily and without any unnecessary marketing costs.

 Looking for new orders and potential Partners is tedious and time-consuming, and the effect does not always reflect the effort invested in it. Let new contractors find you. will help you to introduce your company to potential partners and contractors. Thanks to our Platform you will be able to find additional orders which will allow you to use your resources fully. 

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